Episode 6- Seeds from the Storm

The night Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico Monique Carradine heard wind ravaging her home, watched water filling her bedroom, and awoke to find a community devastated by damage far worse than she or her neighbors had ever imagined. Without running water and no power for six months the sick and poor became more vulnerable and Monique, a former radio and television personality from Chicago and a certified coach whose business relied on internet faltered. As she visited and offered aid to families on the island she found her experience helping women tap into the abundance in their life and her strong faith fortified and guided her. Hurricane Maria taught her that every storm in life has a beginning and an end. It taught her that in the midst of a storm is when people discover who they are but in the aftermath, they discover who they can become.

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Monique Caradine delivering supplies to her community in the wake of Hurricane Maria.
Monique’s podcast.
Damage from Hurricane Maria

Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago Monique Caradine lives full-time on the island of Puerto Rico with her husband and son. She is a certified coach and founder of Overflow Enterprises who helps women fix their relationship with money. She is the host of the podcast Sisternomics available on all podcast platforms.

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Episode 5- The Answer Inside

Medical student by day, women’s circle leader by night, Cassandra Wilder sought to discover the source of her body’s pain and found the answer in her past. The victim of physical abuse as a child and a dangerous partner as a young woman, Cassandra left her corporate job and traveled to Guatemala where for the first time she experienced the safety of a women’s circle. More and more as she healed herself and her practice grew, she saw how shame and trauma in her patients’ lives manifested as cysts, infertility, and debilitating cycles; more and more she discovered the power of sharing one’s story. In this episode, Cassandra helps identify symptoms of trauma in the body and resources for getting well.

For more on Cassandra: https://www.goddessceremony.com/cassandra-wilder

Instagram: goddessceremony

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Episode 4- On the Run

Before he began his 6-month walk across the United States, Tom Griffin waded into the Pacific Ocean, hugged his friends, and said goodbye to his girlfriend of 7 years. Tom age 45 and a former athlete and ultramarathoner, had finally decided to fulfill his decades-long dream of crossing America on foot. But what he thought would be a solitary 3,300-mile walk soon became a journey of self-discovery as a steady stream of strangers offered Tom help and compassion and Tom, who had never felt able to truly trust others and kept people at arms-length began to let down his guard. He discovered that the act of accepting offerings from these “roadside saints” was what helped him finally begin to feel comfortable in his own skin; he discovered kindness can’t be stopped.

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Episode 3- Everybody Knew

When Christine McLean left home as a teenager to escape her abusive father she didn’t think she’d ever look back. The domestic violence she experienced as a child left her with trauma, anxiety, an eating disorder, and a dangerous relationship with alcohol which plagued her for years. Now sober and with a family of her own, Christine reflects on the aftermath of childhood pain, the decision she made to allow her father back into her life, and how she found it possible to still deeply love the person who hurt her the most.

Christine McLean with her father and mother.
Christine McLean and her father on the last night of his life.

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Episode 2- Different this Time

Addiction ran rampant in author Jason Allen’s family and disrupted every aspect of his life growing up working-class poor in a small, Long Island town. Against the backdrop of lush estates in the Hamptons, Jason and his friends worked long hours and partied hard every night until he too fell victim to serious alcohol addiction. His total self-destruction averted only by the close bond he shared with his mother and younger brother, he clung to his desire to make it off the Island and become who felt he was meant to be. Jason talks about the loss of his father to alcoholism, his new novel The East End, and how writing and sobriety saved him.

Jason Allen

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Episode 1- A Living Person Among the Dead

Raised by Protestant Evangelical Conservative Christian Missionary parents Paul Boardman and his four siblings endured regular corporol punishment during their childhood in Tokyo at the hands of their father, a leader in their missionary community. From their earliest years and into young adulthood, he and his siblings faced dire consequences for misbehavior. As they grappled with the struggle to “be good” in the eyes of their father and church their shared trauma created an unbreakable bond between them. Paul, now a funeral celebrant, talks about his experience creating eulogies for the unchurched, the way in which grief stories are love stories, and how leaving the church made him feel more Christian.

Paul as a boy eating soba with his father in Japan where his family did missionary work for most of his childhood.
Paul in his role as Funeral Celebrant.

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