“For the first time I got to speak my story and let other people hear me and that was powerful…those childhood stories that I had never shared with another soul and to see that received so well and to see women hear me and support me and affirm me that what I experienced was real and was going to be okay just cracked me open.”

Medical student by day, women’s circle leader by night, Cassandra Wilder sought to discover the source of her body’s pain and found the answer in her past. The victim of physical abuse as a child and a dangerous partner as a young woman, Cassandra left her corporate job and traveled to Guatemala where for the first time she experienced the safety of a women’s circle. More and more as she healed herself and her practice grew, she saw how shame and trauma in her patients’ lives manifested as cysts, infertility, and debilitating cycles; more and more she discovered the power of sharing one’s story. In this episode, Cassandra helps identify symptoms of trauma in the body and resources for getting well.

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