“I think that the walk gave me so much time with myself, with strangers who sort of…laid out these breadcrumbs for me to kind of pick up, and through their acts of kindness and generosity and just sort of doing everyday-people-nice types of things I found myself accepting myself more along the way than I ever have in my life.” –Tom Griffen, a former athlete and ultramarathoner, on his walk across the United States.

Tom began his 6-month, 3,300-mile walk with the idea that his trip would be a lonely one but soon after he set off a steady stream of strangers offered him help and compassion and Tom, who had never felt able to truly trust others and kept people at arms-length began to let down his guard. He discovered that the act of accepting offerings from these “roadside saints” was what helped him finally begin to feel comfortable in his own skin; he discovered kindness can’t be stopped.

Listen to episode 4, On the Run, HERE.

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